By following up the innovations of internet and mobile technologies, we put together creativity and technology since 2002. For this purpose, ProjePark's technological and artistic background is updated continuously.
Who We Are?
In 2002 we started our way, when internet and digital world had its baby steps.
We choose the plane tree leaf to symbolize a journey of many years.
Starting from ProjePark's establishement, we offer web and mobile services to different companies worldwide. ProjePark became one of the pioneer companies by giving importance to R&D activities, and our team involved in high tech web and mobile developments during years, as a result of this we created many digital brands with millions of members.

ProjePark team had advance level experience with up to date web and mobile technologies, including ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, JQUERY, BOOTSRAP and AJAX.
  • When we thought of lots of projects we have done to American companies, we remembered, prototyped in 2006 within three months. These were great days.
  • We started a micro site, which should be available for three months, for Jelibon Vampir with GS Saatchi&Saatchi.But in the end, we were also surprised when the microsite reached over 300.000 members and became popular by children.
  • In 2005, we had the aim to bring the idea of surprise toys given with Toybox chewing gums. After a thinking marathon which took some days, we created the bonus code concept as well as a gigantic online project with about 750.000 members
  • Since we are giving examples from our working area, so should we give an example for business identity working. We did all the business identity working for Raina London, a boutique brand in UK, as well as preparing the infrastructure for their internet website and organizing the fashion photos.
  • Company turnovers are always serious progresses. It is our job to manage these processes in digital world, so we did this for Cadbury-Kraft Foods in a short time like three months.
  • Imagine a project: Every detail from courier bags to business card design, from technical infrastructure and visual editions to Facebook and Google advertising management, is done by one agency. The project’s name is:, the agency: ProjePark
  • We were always interested in virtual worlds, so we wrote our own virtual world engine, but we were not satisfied with it and developed EXPOMX Interactive Fair Platform based on our own virtual world infrastructure. Of course, we didn’t forget to organize fairs on this platform, such as fashion fair, jewellery fair and foreign country education fairs.
  • A project from the dusty shelves of past. We sold the brand in 2005, so we don’t know about its current status, but we still remember that it was chosen as the best gaming site by PC WORLD in 2002, as if it happened yesterday.
  • Making clickable banners needs skills, after all, we live in a digital universe with a high density of message bombing. The banners we created for Mattel’s new Hot Wheels collection to present them in digital world are very good examples with their high click rate.
  • Since this place is there for events, it is good to give an example for an Advergame where the idea and application comes from us. With bonus codes from TOYBOX boxes, children travel through a huge treasure island to find treasures scattered randomly in the island. Points can be collected by playing games associated with treasures. In the end of promotion campaign, members with highest points are rewarded.
  • Example for an overseas project: The infrastructure for Sugus Vampir, published in Romania, has been provided by ProjePark’s virtual world infrastructure. The project realized only within one month is both interactive and fun.
  • The material we have is only one video,the company doesn’t want to publish their new collection in internet,so we think of a solution for some time,then a microsite with high usability and high quality visuals is made from just a video.
  • Turkish premium chocolate market has a new player called Delon Gift&Chocolate. Corporate website of Delon developed by ProjePark team, company received our Google Campaign management services and SEO solutions. Also e-commerce infrastructure of Delon is build by ProjePark.
  • Cikilop is a well know brand of Saray Holding. ProjePark team developed an online factory application for Cikilop which is an interactive project where people can build their online Cikilop Factory. Each Cikilop package includes a game code and members of the website can use these codes to get raw materials and iprove their online production capacity.
  • Photography is one of the most popular hobbies of the modern world. Voimio offers a wide range of products related with photography. ProjePark team developed an e-commerce website for Voimio and an advanced filtering system for newly started photographers.